KeyMash Testing is committed to helping our clients deliver the best possible software. Software Development is an industry that is fast paced, ever changing and never stands still… so neither do we.  Using the most up to date tools and techniques, we can help you bring your Testing effort into the 21st Century


What can KeyMash do for you? Here are just a snapshot of the services we offer:
Whether you work in an Agile, DevOps or Waterfall environment, we fit seamlessly into your development team. Using the latest tools and techniques to hit the industry. Your competitors are still Testing like it's 1999 so let us bring you in to the 21st century!
Web, Mobile, API - We can help you design and implement robust Automation solutions to build extensive regression suites. Using our Automation dashboard alongside our integration with Slack and Datadog, you will always have visibility of the Automation of your product and be alerted immediately of any issues.
Already have a Test team but need a little boost? We can provide training on a variety of subjects such as: Exploratory Testing, Testing APIs, Mobile Device and Automated Testing.

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Meet the Team

Meet the people that will help you deliver awesome software.
Adam Brown
Adam Brown

Owner and Software Tester

Adam is a seasoned Software Tester with a wealth of experience in Exploratory Testing and Automation.

Caroline Duxbury
Caroline Duxbury

Events Director

Caroline aims to do awesome things within the Software Community and to help bring people together. Testers are a surprisingly social bunch, but they're easily startled.


    Principal Mouse Catcher

    Keeping the office mouse free for four 0 days.

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