Before we begin, what is Test Automation?

Test Automation is a component of Software Testing that allows us to Automate Tests and scenarios so that they can be easily repeated quickly and when needed.

Imagine the following scenario:

For the last 6 months your team have been working towards a major release and before you push it to Live you want to make sure that all of the existing functionality still works as expected. None of your Tests are automated so you head back to your Test Management Tool and start rerunning all of the existing Tests. This takes a massive amount of time and human effort and while this process is taking place, no further development can happen. One of your Testers spots that one of the Tests doesn’t pass and it turns out this feature has been broken for months. The Developers frantically try to find the issue and introduce more issues in the process. Each time they release a fix, you start Regression Testing from scratch again and stop when you find more issues. When the software eventually goes Live, you want to run those same tests again on Live to make sure the system works on that environment.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, we can help!

Benefits of Test Automation

Test Automation allows you to take those Regression Tests and to turn them in to repeatable Tests that can be run by a machine automatically. These Tests can be run as a one off, on a schedule (e.g. midnight) or as part of your CI/CD process and run when a new build is deployed and users are alerted immediately of any errors. This reduces the time between a Bug being introduced and resolved, and also the likelihood that major issues will creep into the Live system. Once the system has gone Live, you can point the Automation at the Live environment and run those checks there!

What can we do for you?

KeyMash Testing offer a wide range of Test Automation services and are able to Automate software on a number of platforms, including Web, API and Mobile. We already have frameworks ready to go, however we will work with you to build a robust solution that suits your needs and to ensure that it’s as future proof and as easy to maintain as possible. Language is not a problem for us and will use whichever coding language (C# or Java) that suits your needs.

For APIs, we are able to introduce 24 hour API monitoring so that you are alerted immediately to any errors or downtime with your services. You should be the first to know of any errors… not your clients!

We will also provide full training of the solutions we implement so you can get the most out of our solution!

Sound good? Contact us today to find out more what we can do for you.