Can you believe it’s 2020?

2019 was such a big year at KeyMash for a number of reasons however it feels like it went by in a blur! Although 2019 was full of highlights, here are some that I want to shout about:

  • Worked for clients in 3 different industries: Government/Cyber Security, Retail and Healthcare. I always envisioned KeyMash working across multiple industries and never being tied down to just one.
  • Increased IT capabilities and security after working for a client in the Cyber Security space. Although a lot of this is unseen and in the background, we implemented more tools and processes to help us be more inline with Cyber Security Essentials. We had one client that really opened my eyes and they may never know the long term effect they’ve had on us.
  • Our biggest year to date in terms of Revenue.

I feel like we really hit our stride in 2019 and the company started to take shape exactly how I pictured it. That being said, I’d like to keep the momentum going and bang it up a notch in 2020!

It’s important to have something to aim towards, so here is what I have planned for KeyMash in 2020:

  • Gain the Cyber Security Essentials Certification. We did a lot of the work in the background in 2019, however, there’s a lot more still to be done while the company is small to ensure it’s secure as it grows.
  • Work with local Development agencies to offer Testing as a service. We touched on this in 2018, however, didn’t actively pursue it but this is going to be a big priority in 2020.
  • Increase our marketing effort. Looking back on 2019, it was practically non-existent so we’re really going to ramp this up over the course of the year. I have an idea for a campaign around April time which will be a bit of tongue in cheek fun. I also need to keep this Blog active and I’ve already got a few posts in the pipeline.
  • Attend more events and give talks. I’m already working on a talk with the provisional title “API Monitoring for nowt” for NottsTest which I hope to get finished this month and deliver when they can fit me in.
  • Deliver a training course. I’ve been thinking about this for the last two years, but this year I want to deliver a training course. I’ve been working on a SpecFlow for beginners course but need to pull all the pieces together and turn it into a deliverable course.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead!

One thought to “What’s in store for KeyMash in 2020”

  • Ben

    Great post Adam, glad to see you’ll be down at Notts Test again and am looking forward to your talk already!!

    Best wishes for 2020 😀


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