I’m so excited to announce this…

We were recently officially awarded the Cyber Security Essentials Certification! This was one of the main goals I had in mind for 2020 and I’m pleased to say we finally achieved it!

I’ve been working on guides, policies, processes, and bringing in new tools since mid-2019 but the pandemic put a halt on us actually going for the certification. We have been following the guidance to the letter and were more than likely compliant since around March 2020, however, we now have the certificate to prove it!

What does this mean?

It means that our tools, processes, policies, and mindset are compliant with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s guidelines and that we’re doing our absolute best to help keep ourselves and our clients secure from Cyberattacks. You can be sure that while we’re working on your behalf, we have security in mind. It also means that we have robust controls and procedures in place should the worst happen to mitigate the impact on ourselves and our clients.

We also get a cool badge to show off!

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