It’s not easy being Green

Ensuring that KeyMash Testing is an eco-friendly company right from the word “Go” has been my number one priority. Building the business on an eco-friendly foundation will help bake this into our DNA so that it’s second nature. We shouldn’t think twice about picking the eco-friendly alternative or make a conscious effort to not harm the environment.

When being eco-friendly isn’t baked into a company’s DNA from day one, you hear statements like…

“We aim to use 100% recycled paper”, or “We print on both sides of paper to help the environment”

Well… at KeyMash, we don’t own a printer. From day one, we’ve invested in systems that allow us to conduct our business without the need for one. In 2018, there are tools and apps that allow you to do pretty much anything. I even use a shopping list app! We invoice our clients electronically and we use DocuSign so we have no need to print and sign documents. We use GSuite extensively for email and file storage and Google now get their energy from 100% renewable sources. The upfront costs may have been higher than if we hadn’t factored in the environment, but this is a commitment worth making.

We have number of initiatives on-going and in the pipeline which is it’s own Blog post. The one I can share with you now is we’re building into our invoicing system a tree planting option for our clients. When you partner with KeyMash Testing, not only are you getting the best possible quality Testing, you’re also helping the environment in the process.

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