Are you Android Q ready?

The next major release of Android has been announced and, based on previous years, likely released in October 2019. Although we don’t yet know what it’s called (I’m hoping for Quesadilla!), we can be certain it’ll bring with it a raft of improvements and new features. However, this causes problems for Developers who support the latest version of an Operating System who, more often than not, don’t test before a major update of the OS.

Major releases of Android have been known to cause serious issues with Apps. These range from minor styling issues to full-on crashes rendering the App useless.

KeyMash Testing will help you prepare for the launch of Android Q by Testing your apps, on real devices, against the upcoming version of Android, giving you the peace of mind and confidence that, come October, your app will be ready and your customers are not affected.

Don’t leave it to chance and contact us today to find out more.

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