At KeyMash, we believe companies have a responsibility to help protect people and preserve the environment. The average medium-sized business uses around 3 times more energy than the average UK household (source) and it’s important that businesses do their part. We’ve briefly talked about the steps we’re taking to build KeyMash Testing’s Eco-Friendly Foundations, and I’d like to share with you everything we’ve done so far and the latest (and biggest) change we’ve made to date.

It’s been a while in the making, but we’re very excited to announce that, from today, 100% of KeyMash’s electricity comes from renewable sources! We’ve planned on switching for a while, but due to issues with our previous supplier, it’s not been possible until now. We’ve made lots of little changes around the office but this is by the far the biggest and most important move we’ve made to date.

Not wanting to gloss over or undervalue the little things, I’d like to share with you the other steps we’ve already taken.

All the small things…

  • It’s estimated that three billion tonnes of batteries are thrown away in the US each year (source). We recycle all our batteries. We save our batteries and once we have enough we drop them off at the local supermarket where they’re taken away for recycling. Once our current supply of batteries has run out, we plan on switching to rechargeable batteries.
  • In 2017, an estimated 1 Million plastic bottles were bought every minute (source). We use filtered water and glass bottles over single-use plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can harm the environment and pollute the oceans. Oh, we recycle the filters too 😉
  • We love our coffee (Like… really love it) but we’re also aware that coffee pods aren’t the best for the environment. We save our coffee pods and hand them back to the supplier where they take them away for recycling. All our staff use travel mugs and encouraged to use them in coffee shops. An estimated 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away in the UK alone each year (source). An increasing number of high-street coffee shops are giving discounts if you use your own mugs too which is a win-win in our books!
  • Speaking of “Books”. We send our accountants and clients electronic copies of receipts and invoices and never print/post them. Any physical recipets and invoices are then shredded and composted
  • All our light bulbs are LED and energy efficient.
  • We aim to choose A+ rated appliances where possible.
  • We have a staple-free stapler and it’s quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve ever bought!
  • Our business cards are made of 100% recycled T-Shirts and contain absolutely 0% paper
  • Our lanyards are made of bamboo fibre
  • All company related letters we receive are scanned, physical copies shredded and recycled and composted. We rarely need to send out letters, but all our stationery is 100% recycled paper and cardboard
  • Our office shredder is completely manual and needs no electricity
  • Paperless billing. Bank statements are out of date as soon as they’re printed, right? We’ve completely opted out of them
  • Choosing hotels that publish and are proud of their green credentials. For example, when in London, we use the QBic hotel. Not only are their hotels funky, but they like to show off their credentials. Also… their burgers are delicious!
  • Nottingham has a fantastic public transport system and we use public transport whenever possible. Nottingham Express Transit have a great calculator in their Robin Hood Network app which tells you how much Carbon Dioxide you save each journey Using the Tram, we save around 10,450g of CO2 each week! That’s enough to keep a light bulb on for 2940 hours!
  • E-tickets over paper tickets. When travelling by tram or train, we use paperless ticketing where possible. All the events we organise also utilise paperless ticketing
  • All our cleaning products are chemical free and won’t harm the environment. We use eCover and Method cleaning products which don’t contain any harsh chemicals or bleach.
  • We don’t own a printer. The reason for this is that this will force us to look for better ways of doing things. If we owned a printer up front we will likely use it!

It’s important to stress that these are the steps we’ve made so far and are always looking at ways to improve. We have many initiatives in progress and in the pipeline and I’m excited to share those with you at a later date.

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